From the studio 1 : Sticks and Stuff

This week I have been working on casting multiples of sticks for an idea that I have to do some installation work. The mold-making and casting process is interesting, as it creates a kind of 3-dimensional “print” of an object–no, not rapid prototyping, but a dimensional print created by hand. The idea for sticks stems from my childhood experiences with being bullied. This is certainly simple enough, but I think also about how this seeps into one’s adulthood in more subtle ways through the manipulation of words. I am interested in these sticks as representative of a kind of language, and am excited to see the effects of light and shadow when I suspend them, place them on a wall, project onto them, etc. in order to create a unique feeling. See the video below for a look into the casting process with me.

Painters also sculpt! This week, take look into the plastic casting process with me. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is an old adage and idiom used in response to verbal abuse of all kinds. My creative work explores ideas of personal struggle and the value of “things”. Lately I have been casting sticks for an idea that I have to produce an installation piece that may go on the wall or suspend from above. To begin, I am creating sculptural “prints” that will fill a space and create unique shadows. Check it out! And don’t forget to subscribe and see what comes next in my studio process.

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