On pain-ting… an introduction

I am a conceptual painter that produces work that is driven by creative research surrounding history, archaeology, personal narrative and contemporary art process. I have found over the years that art is somewhat connected to pain… hence, the title that I selected for this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that pain can be viewed in a negative way, but in relation to art making it is a healing sort of pain in its way. There is a pain in certain processes, and–at times—in talking critically about art, as well as an aching sort of pain that drives the artist internally to continue making. And isn’t it always stated that painting is either dead or dying?!?!? Sounds like some pain to me.

So, hey. Pain-ting: a process, a dialogue, an aching to make.

On Read on for an insider’s view on how/why/what I do as an artist and perhaps join me in some way.

2 thoughts on “On pain-ting… an introduction”

  1. I LOVE LEARNING FROM YOU. I intend to absorb ALL that I can from you. Thank you for sharing.

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