From the Studio 12 : Meeting a Deadline

These past two weeks I have been doing the arduous work of refining and completing a large painting. I promised my gallery an image and info about the new work that I will be exhibiting this fall, so it’s been an intense time focused on getting to those details and forming a plan to ensure that I can make it happen. It’s always great to see a work come to full completion—this piece in particular, since I started it while in residence at Jentel Arts. I’m very happy with the outcome, and so here I discuss the ideas behind the work as well as the time and effort invested in making it.

While I was at Jentel, I did try to make an attempt at counting the hours that I was putting into this large painting… It was a lot. Before I left there, I had a great talk with the director about this question that artists always get about, “How long did it take you to make that?” And Mary Jane was perfect with her response: “Thirty years.” Because everything that I have learned and researched and built up in my artistic career feeds into the maturity of the work that I produce today. True! So, if you have the urge to ask this question to an artist, you already have your answer.

And so finished at last! Here it is….

Fair Game, oil on linen, 6×6 feet

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