From the Studio 13 : Drawing on Panel

Creating a drawing is often a delicate task on a delicate surface…. That also must be expensively handled. I love to make drawings, but there is always this dilemma of how to present them, ship them, or potentially sell them to a follower of your work. Most often, drawings are created on paper, which easily tears if mishandled, gets curled up if you don’t own a flat file large enough to store it, and that doesn’t look professional if simply tacked up to the wall. And so they must be framed, but not with glass for fear of it breaking when shipped, and if the drawing is floated within a frame, there is the risk that it could detach… and the framing itself gets very expensive if the work is large, and I admit, I like to work large. Unfortunately, I haven’t the money to frame such large pieces, and so my current solution has been to create drawings on wood panel coated in an artist’s recipe of absorbent ground.

So… this is what I am working on! I hope you will take a look. I provide my recipe for the ground in the video and show you what I do with this surface. 

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