From the Studio 2 : What’s in the Details

They say that it’s all in the details. This next painting that I have been working on is definitely full of them! I created the vlog posted below so that you can watch as I work to complete a large scale oil painting and hear me chat a bit about the process, as well as get a sense of my studio space (not huge–haha). This piece depicts rotting nature along with hidden figural elements that I utilize to express a kind of narrative. You will see me finish up complex details in the work, which for me, builds up in layers of color and refined details. It is always exciting to finish a new work, don’t you think?

This piece is actually the first in a new series that I am starting–well, sort of the first… but not quite. Throughout the pandemic, I fiddled with the idea of utilizing yard weeds as a kind of metaphor of how I was feeling being alone and somewhat stuck in my head. We all had no choice but to contemplate our own selves, our faults as well as our strengths. This new series shows both sides of this complex interior of the mind, as we our bad habits have risen to the forefront to battle with the goodness of human nature. It all becomes a tangled mess that makes us who we are.

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