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From the Studio 10 : Site Specifics

My stay as an artist in residence at Jentel Arts has now come to an end. The time seems to have sped by! I am really happy with what I have been able to accomplish with this month of focused creative production. It’s been an amazing experience here, which will carry into my ongoing body of creative work.┬áIf you yourself are an artist, writer or composer, I encourage you to try attending a residency! There are many out there, of all types…. national, international, long or short, some that are fully or partially paid for and others that may ask for a fee. Each is unique with regards to what it offers, but I have never regretted participating in any of the artist residencies that I have gone on. I have met many great creative people who have become life-long friends.

This last week, I took the opportunity to install my cast branches on site and experiment with this beautiful place before my departure. Take a look!

Whenever I do an artist’s residency or have to chance to be in a location other than home for an extended period of time, I try to find the opportunity to do a side project piece. These involve the specifics of the place that I am in, where I install objects that I have created that will interact in a specific way with a site. I tried out three different locations within the area that I was living at in Wyoming. I have found the landscape to be beautiful and inspiring. The white plastic of the branches contrasts with the actual nature. The fake mimics and disrupts the real.

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