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From the studio 4 : Looks like a Plan

Digital Sketches. Should an artist make a plan? Shoulda, coulda, woulda… However, does an artist have a plan when they begin a work? I’d say so. Even not having a plan is a plan. It’s a deliberate choice that one makes. Then there is the question of whether an artist should use a device? What is a device anyhow? Check out my vlog here for an insider’s look into the process of “making a plan” for the creative works that I produce. A start to it begins with zeros and ones, squares of light and color that reconfigure images in a way that compels.

I make both manual hand-drawn sketches and digital sketches in preparation for making new work. Each type of sketch functions in a different way. The drawings in my sketchbook are produced at the earliest stages of figuring out what is to come next in my work. I use them as a means to take in my surroundings without bias or critical direction for the work. I let the place/thing inform me as I observe it. I make many drawings compiled in a sketchbook, which leads me to more specific concepts and imagery that I wish to more pointedly explore in my work. From there, I create digital sketches which are a compilation of multiple images that I have selected from personal photographs of experiences that I have explored in the drawings.

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